Outwitting Trolls / William G. Tapply

Call number: FIC TAP

Brady Coyne is a Boston attorney who focuses on a few private clients and the legal drudgery of their everyday life, which leads to a generally unexciting life. Brady, however, gets a call from an old friend and former neighbor—a man from his past as a happily married man. When Brady was married and living in suburbia, Ken Nichols was his happily married neighbor. Both marriages fell apart years ago and Brady moved to Boston while Ken Nichols moved to Baltimore. Now a decade later and in Boston for a conference, Ken contacts Brady for a get-together and a drink. It’s an uneventful evening but the next day Brady gets a call from Nichols’ ex-wife. She’s standing in her ex’s hotel room, Nichols is lying dead on the floor of his room and she needs Brady’s help.
But this savage murder is only the first and Brady is soon trying to find the connection between these long ago friends and the savage murders dogging their family. (From B&N)

Skating Around the Law / Joelle Charbonneau

Call number: FIC CHA
Roller skates and crime don’t mix, or do they? In Charbonneau’s fresh, funny debut they most certainly do. When Chicago mortgage broker Rebecca Robbins returns to her hometown of Indian Falls, Ill., to sell the roller rink she’s inherited, she’s dismayed to learn that handyman Mack Murphy has turned up dead, his head in one of the rink’s toilets. A bottle of prescription pills on the floor near Mack’s body suggests suicide, but medical examiner Doc Truman suspects murder, and the race is on to catch the killer.
The colorful cast of eccentrics includes Rebecca’s frisky grandfather, Pop, and Lionel Franklin, a sexy veterinarian who owns an especially entertaining camel named Elwood, a retired circus performer. Though she yearns to go back to Chicago, Rebecca ultimately realizes she might have to stay longer in Indian Falls, just in case a skating sleuth is needed. Author tour. (By Publishers Weekly from B&N)