1. Makeover Your Summer Party

Amaze your friends with a new twist on old summer party favorites. For example, get Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home (TX 737 .S8565 2009) and learn how to cook these delicious pancetta burgers. Slices of crisped pancetta and melted fontina cheese take the place of bacon and cheddar at this weeknight barbecue. Summery white-bean salad with tomatoes and basil stands in for more predictable side dishes. We have several other Martha Stewart cookbooks available, too.

2. Watch a Movie: Have fun, and Learn Something!

Nothing to do? Watch our new Films on Demand collection at home. Just log in through Campus Connect, click on the library tab and find Films on Demand under our A to Z list. This collection is truly addictive! It is also educational, with hundreds of videos on all kinds of subjects, like Health & Medicine, Careers & Job Search, selected 20/20 episodes, and much more.

3. Eat This, Not That!

In the springtime, the days get longer and the weather warms up. Swimsuit season isn’t far away. Start now in order to be ready to sport that summer bikini. Plan on two to three months to safely drop any extra pounds you put on over the winter and tone your muscles so you’ll be fit and confident in swimwear and other summer clothing.Read Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide (RA784 .Z562 2008): You can burn fat and sculpt the body you’ve always wanted and even save money in the process–without dieting. All you need is the insider’s guide to smart, healthy, low-cost food choices. And now, the right choices are simple!From the produce section to the frozen-food aisle, the modern supermarket is loaded with 50,000 food choices, all vying for your hard-earned money. No wonder it’s hard to know what to buy. But with Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide, the smart answers are right in your hands.(From Google books review)

4. Learn How to Make Your Own Ice Cream

The Ultimate Ice Cream Book contains enough recipes to fill your summer days with delicious frozen desserts — but after acquainting yourself with this book’s hundreds of tempting concoctions, you’ll want to use it every day of the year. With over 500 recipes, author Bruce Weinstein has put together the most comprehensive cookbook of its kind, covering just about every conceivable flavor of ice cream, sorbet, and granita; dozens of different recipes for shakes, malts, and other cold drinks; how to make your own ice cream cones; and toppings galore.(From Google Books)

5. Put On A Show for Your Kids

Take home books to read, add a puppet or two, and put on a show at home.Find summer reading for your kids.  The Library has around 5,000 books for children.  You can also check out children’s music CDs and magazines like Turtle, Ladybug, National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick, and Your Big Backyard.We also have books for ideas for children’s activities, games, crafts, etc. You can view our puppet collection at: http://ivytechlibraryftwpuppets.wordpress.com/

6. Get Great Gardening Tips

Container Gardening : 250 Design Ideas & Step-by-Step Techniques is for people who don’t have space or time for traditional gardening and who need expert advice on choosing and using plants and containers to create their own garden, large or small. At long last, this is a smart and sensible gardening guide from the most trusted name in gardening. Compiled from the pages of Fine Gardening magazine, Container Gardening will inspire readers with dramatic plant combinations as well as provide step-by-step techniques to plant and care for containers under all conditions.

The Rain Garden Planner : Seven Steps to Conserving and Managing Water in the Garden  encourages the homeowner to conserve water by restoring natural processes that filter and return water to groundwater reservoirs. Learn the installation and maintenance of rain gardens. The Rain Garden Planner provides garden plans and plant lists for different conditions and styles, including wildlife habitat, a pretty cottage border, and a formal garden. It also discusses community gardens, ways that individuals can do their part in conservation, and provides many resources for further information. Rain gardens to suit any style or size of property are within the reach of anyone. Create a beautiful and enjoyable home garden while saving water and the natural environment.

8. Taking Summer Classes? Check Out a Laptop and Study in the Great Outdoors!

Improve your productivity by borrowing our laptops. The library has twenty laptop computers available for use by currently enrolled students. To check out a laptop students must:

  • have completed their first semester of classes,
  • have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5,
  • have a recommendation from an Ivy Tech Northeast faculty member in whose class they are currently enrolled,
  • have no outstanding fines or overdue materials from the Ivy Tech Northeast library.