The Air We Breathe DVD

Tracking number: 60EP

This video traces the damaging connection between suburban sprawl, our addiction to the automobile, air pollution, and disturbing increases in asthma and other respiratory diseases.
The EPA and Congress have said we must lower the allowable ozone pollution in our cities. In the past ten years hospital admissions for asthma have doubled, and air quality specialists are pointing to alarming statistics correlating smog levels with high rates of respiratory diseases as well as higher mortality rates.
With insight and wit, THE AIR WE BREATHE examines our addiction to the automobile, the environmental consequences of suburban sprawl, and the damaging effects of commuter culture on both the air we breathe and our overall quality of life. We also hear from scientists, activists and urban planners who map out possible solutions that include alternative fuels, zero-emission vehicles, and integrated public transit plans.(From Bullfrog Films)

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