Top screwups doctors make and how to avoid them / Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon

Call number: R729.8 .G73 2011

A primary care doctor is skeptical of his patient’s concerns. A hospital nurse or intern is unaware of a drug’s potential side effects. A physician makes the most “common” diagnosis while overlooking the signs of a rarer and more serious illness, and the patient doesn’t see the necessary specialist until it’s too late.  A pharmacist dispenses the wrong drug and a patient dies as a result.Sadly, these kinds of mistakes happen all the time. Each year, 6.1 million Americans are harmed by diagnostic mistakes, drug disasters, and medical treatments.
A decade ago, the Institute of Medicine estimated that up to 98,000 people died in hospitals each year from preventable medical errors. And new research from the University of Utah, HealthGrades of Denver, and elsewhere suggests the toll is much higher.
Patient advocates and bestselling authors Joe and Teresa Graedon came face-to-face with the tragic consequences of doctors’ screwups when Joe’s mother died in Duke Hospital—one of the best in the world—due to a disastrous series of entirely preventable errors. In Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them, the Graedons expose the most common medical mistakes, from doctor’s offices and hospitals to the pharmacy counters and nursing homes. Patients across the country shared their riveting horror stories, and doctors recounted the disastrous—and sometimes deadly—consequences of their colleagues’ oversights and errors. While many patients feel vulnerable and dependent on their health care providers, this book is a startling wake-up call to how wrong doctors can be.

The good news is that we can protect ourselves, and our loved ones, by being educated and vigilant medical consumers. The Graedons give patients the specific, practical steps they need to take to ensure their safety: the questions to ask a specialist before getting a final diagnosis, tips for promoting good communication with your doctor, presurgery checklists, how to avoid deadly drug interactions, and much more.
Whether you’re sick or healthy, young or old, a parent of a young child, or caring for an elderly loved one, Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them is an eye-opening look at the medical mistakes that can truly affect any of us—and an empowering guide that explains what we can do about it. (From Google Books)

The Founders of American Cuisine: Seven Cookbook Authors, with Historical Recipes / Harry Haff

Call number: TX715 .H1238 2011

This work describes seven historic chefs and authors who had profound influences on the creation of American cuisine. The first section includes biographical information and an analysis of the cultural and culinary significance of Amelia Simmons, author of the first known American cookbook; Mary Randolph, whose Southern Cuisine is considered the first regional American cookbook; Miss Leslie and her bestselling 19th century work; Lafcadio Hearn’s La Cuisine Creole; Charles Ranhofer’s influence on the role of the modern chef; and Victor Hirtzler and his California cuisine. The second section includes selected recipes from each author’s books, with notes to aid adaptation by the modern cook. (From Google Books)

I didn’t ask to be born (but I’m glad I was) / Bill Cosby

Call number: PN2287.C632 A3 2011

Over the past century, few entertainers have achieved the legendary status of William H. Cosby Jr. His successes span five decades and virtually all media, remarkable accomplishments for a kid who emerged from humble beginnings in a Philly housing project.

And the world’s most beloved funnyman is back with I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN, his first humor book since the best selling Cosbyology. Cosby brings us more of his wonderful and hilarious insights into the human condition. (From Google Books)

Child Custody / Dedria Bryfonski, book editor

Call number: HV715 .C534 2011

This volume explores the topics relating to child custody by presenting varied expert opinions that examine many of the different aspects that comprise these issues. The selected articles discuss many aspects relating to the legal terms which are used to describe the legal relationship between a parent and his or her child. It includes such things as the right of the parent to make decisions for the child, and the parent’s duty to care for the child. Child custody decisions have to be made in cases such as divorce, or when a child cannot be looked after by either parent and has to be put into foster care or put up for adoption. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find sources and publications. Allows the reader to attain the higher-level critical thinking and reading skills that are essential in a culture of diverse and contradictory opinions.

A Guide to Health Insurance Billing / Marie A. Moisio

Call number: HG9386.5 .M65 2011

Begin your career in the world of health insurance billing with A Guide to Health Insurance Billing, Third Edition. This resource introduces you to medical billing, covering everything from patient registration to claims submission. Become familiar with appropriate terminology, understand legal and regulatory guidelines, and develop an understanding of coding systems. Finally, put your skills to the test with the Superiorland Clinic practical simulation in Appendix A with 20 case studies that require forms completion. (From Google Books)

The Vietnam War / David M. Haugen

Call number:

 American War Library is a series of vividly written, multi-volume sets that examine the most fascinating topics about each of America’s wars. Individual volumes in every set present readers with a historical perspective and a comprehensive picture of the causes of the war, crucial battles, key personalities, weaponry, daily life on the battlefield, public sentiment toward the war, and the war’s eventual outcome. Dramatic narrative enlivened by primary and secondary source accounts, offers young readers insight into the triumphs and tragedies of war. Each volume in the series includes a bibliography for further research, a thorough list of works consulted, a chronology of important events, sidebars, and numerous maps and photographs. Each set serves as an excellent resource for research projects and will also appeal to the casual reader. (From Google Books)


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