The triumphant child : caring for your newborn / Olson Huff

Call number: RJ131 .H213 2009

Dr. Huff and Nicole Rawson-Huff, together with five leading experts in their field, have compiled The Triumphant Child to help you as parents raise triumphant and resilient children. We all love our children and want the best for them, but sometimes parenting is not easy. This book will give you an insight as to why your child may be displaying challenging behaviors and provides strategies for working to change these behaviors whilst keeping your child’s self-esteem intact. In this book you will find: 1. Knowledge and advice from experts; 2. Personal experience and advice from other parents; and 3. Easily accessible practical tips that work. You will discover: Why setting up a good routine is one of the most important things parents can do for their kids. How to manage (and survive) sibling rivalry, picky eaters and temper tantrums. Ways to help to help children cope with divorce, moving, a new baby, death in the family and more. What children of this age fear most and how parents can help their children ‘triumph’ over these fears. (From Amazon)

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