Elizabeth Kerscher – Evening Librarian


What do you do at the library?
A little of this, a little of that, and a little bit more over here. I am always ready to help students with assignments, research, or various computer problems. I’ve also been working extensively on resource lists for our juvenile collection and am starting to work with the Education and Early Childhood Education Faculty on various projects and resources.  

Where does your expertise come from?
I have a BA in Elementary Education from Purdue University and my MLS, with a focus on school/children’s librarianship from IUPUI. In addition to Ivy Tech, I’ve worked in several school and public libraries and have taught an after-school elementary study group, so I’ve got quite a bit of experience when it comes to children’s literature or education-related subjects. I am currently spending my mornings in an elementary school library before I come to Ivy Tech – and the experience is always enlightening.

What is unique about you that could be of service to the Ivy Tech community?
I’m familiar with juvenile and young adult fiction and authors, so I’m a good resource if you’re looking for something to share with children (or just want a good read for yourself). I know quite a bit about our juvenile collection, and what I don’t know, I’m usually able to find through a search. I also have experience planning storytimes – so I might have ideas about how you can use the books you check out.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside the library?
Reading, certainly. I read a lot of juvenile and young adult chapter books to keep up with the kids at the elementary school. When I look for adult books, I tend to gravitate towards science fiction or fantasy. I also enjoy playing computer and video games with my boyfriend, or baking and decorating something sweet to share. And I will drop just about anything when Doctor Who comes on the television.

Recommend a book to us that you enjoyed.
I have a minor addiction to checking books out of the library. I have a small mountain at home that I’m trying to get through! But some good ones I’ve read and would always recommend are:

If you’re looking for a picture book, I love The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (or anything else by William Joyce!), or for a more seasonal title, Willow and the Snow Day Dance by Denise Brennan Nelson is great and gives kids an entertaining activity.

A good children’s (4th-5th grade age, most likely) chapter book right now is A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi (the second book in a series that starts with The Search for WondLa).

For more adult reading, I really enjoyed Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, with all of its references, and I’ve never been able to put down anything by Neil Gaiman, one of my most favorite authors ever.

And one non-fiction to round off the list: 3500: An Autistic Boy’s Ten-Year Romance with Snow White by Ron Miles. It’s a quick read, but a fascinating and heart-warming story.


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Mouse Circus is focused on Neil Gaiman’s works for children. Best of all, it has videos. Of Neil. Reading Coraline. Alright. To be fair, he just reads Chapters 1 and 13. He gets other amazing people to read the others for him.

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