Sarah Ellsworth-Hoffman – Morning Librarian

Name: Sarah Ellsworth-Hoffman
Position Title:  Morning Librarian
Worked at the Library: Since September 2013
Contact Info: sellsworthhoffm@ivytech.eduor phone 260-480-4176
What do you do at the library?
Since I am still fairly new I feel that every day I am learning the nuances of the Northeast Library. I have to start somewhere, even the little things – such as finding printer paper – are elements of the job :).
Every day, I help students with their assignments and answer research questions. I have also taken on some of the previous librarian’s (Jen Traore) event responsibilities, such as helping organize library events like the Edible Books Festival.
Where does your expertise come from?
Two years after receiving my Master of Library Science degree, I now have my first real academic librarian position. Previously, I have worked in Information Services for a medical office, did cancer research and developed a web resource with Indiana University, and shadowed and interned at the University of Saint Francis and the Allen County Public Library. I have always worked in positions where I provide information and assistance to people.
What’s your favorite thing to do outside the library?
There is not one thing, but I can list a few. 🙂 I love hanging out with my husband, especially Sunday morning breakfast/brunch. We both work multiple part time jobs and Sunday morning is a time when nothing feels urgent. I am in a folk rock family band called CLUSTERFOLK, I sing and do a variety of percussion. And when there is time, I like arts and crafts projects. Last year for Christmas, my husband and I made 40+ piñatas for our family members as presents.


I am drawn to folk elements in Spanish and Mexican culture. I celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and I enjoy listening and dancing to Salsa and Flamenco music. For our first dance at our wedding, my husband and I did a Tango/Flamenco dance to “Bamboleo” by the Gipsy Kings.
Recommend a book to us that you enjoyed.
I graduated from Indiana University with two Bachelor degrees: one in English (focus on Creative Writing) and the other in Folklore, so I tend to lean towards fiction, folktales, and fantasy reading.
I am currently reading The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. It is witty for its age (originally written in 1894) and tells a more interesting story than Disney provided.
Sarah wants to share the a holiday recipe with you today:
These are fun to take to a party AND they are tasty.
 (No cooking required!)
Hamburger Cookies
You will need:
A Box of Vanilla Wafer Cookies
A Package Keebler Grasshopper Cookies or Girl Scout Thin Mints
A can of Cream Cheese Frosting
A small bag of Shaved or Shredded Coconut
Green, Red, and Yellow food dye
A small amount of Corn Starch
Sesame Seeds
Cookie sheet
Four small bowls
One plate
Basting brush or paper towel
A Fork
Rubber Spatula
This is an assembled cookie recipe so I suggest having all the elements ready:
 Making “Buns”: Separate out all the whole vanilla wafers into pairs of two. Pick the better looking cookies for the “top bun”. Sprinkle sesame seeds on wide plate. In a bowl, quickly mix corn starch and water with a fork to make a liquid-like paste. Take the “top bun” vanilla wafer cookie and lightly dab with a paper towel or brush on corn starch liquid on the rounded side. (Be careful not to over soak cookie!). Then dip “top bun” on sesame seed plate and rest on cookie sheet to dry. The corn starch liquid will help the seeds stick to cookie.
Making “Lettuce”: Put Shredded Coconut in a bowl and add ONE drop of green food coloring. This will go a long way. Mix dye and coconut with fork until all the coconut looks like iceberg lettuce. Set it aside.
Making “Cheese and Ketchup”: Divide cream cheese frosting into two bowls (you may not need to use all frosting). Decide on what “Condiments” you want to use and add appropriate dye. Some people just use one bowl and make a light orange “secret sauce” that is on a McDonald’s Big Mac.
Now to assemble burgers! This can get messy if you do not have enough room, so plan out your space.
“Bottom Bun” – use spatula to put small dollop of “condiment” on top.  “Burger Pattie” – Keebler Grasshopper/Girl Scout Thin Mint on top of “condiment”- so it sticks. Put a tiny dollop of “condiment” on top of “Burger Pattie”. Add “Lettuce”. Take “Top Bun” and use rubber spatula to put a dollop of “condiment” on the under side. Place on  top of lettuce. Gently press to make “Burger” elements stick together and give the image of oozy cheese and sauce. Place all finished burgers on cookie sheet in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving or transporting.

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