Hebrew Journals Collection

JSTOR Adds Hebrew Language Journals

In December 2013, JSTOR announced the Hebrew Journals Collection, which will add at least 40 Hebrew-language titles to JSTOR by completion.

The collection culminates JSTOR’s collaboration with the National Library of Israel and the University of Haifa Library. It also builds upon a free pilot program for four Hebrew-language journals begun in 2008. Hebrew journals are fully integrated and searchable on the JSTOR platform, with added support for Hebrew content including right-to-left reading for Hebrew articles.

This is the first collection of journals in a non-Roman language on JSTOR, and expands JSTOR’s efforts to add global scholarship to the platform.

Read the full press release for more on Hebrew Journals.

Arts & Sciences XIII Expands Global Humanities Content

Arts & Sciences XIII Expands Global Humanities Content

Launching in April, the Arts & Sciences XIII Collection will add 125 new journals to JSTOR in foundational humanities fields.

More than 60 percent of titles in the collection are published outside of the United States. Core disciplines in the collection include Religion, Language & Literature, Philosophy, and Art & Art History. Notable titles in the collection include Literature and Theology (Oxford University Press), the Journal of Indian Philosophy (Springer Science + Business Media), and the Journal of Korean Religions (Institute for the Study of Religion at Sogang University, South Korea).

Want more on Arts & Sciences XIII? Contact participation@jstor.org.

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