New Service in the Library – Wireless Printing from Your Personal Laptop

Wireless Printing from Your Personal Laptop

It is now possible to print from your personal Windows laptop to Library printer FW-CC1771-lib2 by installing the Pharos software.


  • You must have administrative rights on your computer to install the Pharos system!
  • You must be running Windows 7, Vista or XP! (Sorry, no Macs or Windows 8 operating systems at this time.)
  • You must be connected to IvyStudent or IvyStaff (not IvyGuest) wireless networks in order to send print jobs to our printer!

Disclaimer: All software is installed at your own risk. Due to the wide variety of settings and configurations possible on personal laptops, we cannot guarantee that wireless printing will work on all laptops. If you follow all the correct procedures to print, but printing does not work, the Bursar’s office will NOT reimburse you for your printing costs.

For more information click here.

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