Films On Demand Update–New Home Page Design and New Features

The past year has seen a plethora of important enhancements to the Films On Demand platform—from LTI authentication, interactive transcripts, Custom Segment tool, and Top 10 Titles Widget to subject URLs, EasyBib citation integration, a new Support Center, and more. But we’re not stopping there: we’re happy to present exciting design changes and additional new features that promise to make your experience using our On Demand platform even more powerful and convenient:

  • New home page design
  • Navigation improvements
  • New video player
  • New “Total Views” display.

Please read on for more information, and feel free to share this email with your colleagues and faculty.


The fresh new home page design conveniently organizes Films On Demand‘s wealth of content and features to bring key information front and center. Now, right from the home page, you can have quick access to the following:

  • Most Popular Titles: a slider with the 12 most-viewed titles at your school, based on real-time usage data
  • Recently Added Titles: a slider with 12 of the newest titles in your account, updated every time the page is refreshed
  • Featured Titlesa slider that administrators can create in the Admin Portal that will display titles they select on the home page
  • Featured Producers: a scrollable and visual view of the featured producers
  • Browse Subjects: the same dynamic list of subjects that’s in the Collections drop-down menu presented as a handy list
  • Advanced Features: three highlighted features of the On Demand platform—for instance, playlists, custom segments, and interactive transcripts—with links to helpful tutorials in the Support Center.

When you log on to Films On Demand, you will notice a few modifications to the top navigation that provide additional details and school branding at a glance. The total number of titles and segments in your school’s account now displays directly above the search box, which is now located in the top portion of the header, and your school’s name or logo will be shown directly to the right. If you’d like to add your school or library logo, please contact your sales rep for assistance.

Click below for helpful articles from the updated Films On Demand Support Center:
New Search and Navigation Features
How can I get my institution logo to display in the platform?

Our convenient segments and cross-searchable, interactive transcripts already offer users helpful ways to find exactly the content they are looking for within a video title—and now viewers have a handy visual preview at their fingertips as well. The new HTML5 version of the video player provides a quick preview feature that lets users “scrub” through the video and see images from different parts of the title—a great way to find, or get back to, a specific point in the video. The new player also improves mobile access, expanding the ability to seamlessly view videos on mobile devices.

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