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It’s that time of year! The start of fall is a busy time for college students. Organization is a big key to success and, of course, there are apps to help you get organized from the start. The educational app market is steadily growing. These apps can be helpful tools to manage classes, projects, meeting deadlines and study time. Read more:


Time to give Mango Languages a try!

For those interested in learning another language, Mango Languages provides an excellent resource that is tremendously accessible to users of any learning level. Gone are the days of rewinding the same CD audio track, trying to follow along with a text simultaneously, or paying hundreds of dollars for interactive software with recurring subscription fees.

Mango Languages lets you choose from over 70 languages, allows you to learn on your time and at your own pace, and never loses track of what lessons you’ve already done. The intuitive, interactive layout lets you advance through stages of the lessons at will and useful functions such as repeating a word or phrase or displaying the literal translation in English are only a click away.

Each lesson includes placement tests to help you find which lesson to start on if you already have a background in a particular language. There are also lessons that are relevant to the culture associated with each language. If learning Mandarin Chinese, you may be interested in the lesson that discusses various ideas from Feng Shui. Learners of French will encounter a course on how to discuss the various wines and cheeses they may encounter when visiting France. Mango Languages also features some specialty languages that you may not encounter in other language learning programs such as Biblical Hebrew, Shakespearean English, and Pirate.

Mango also has foreign films that allow you to watch and view dialog in both your native language and the language you’re learning. You can also choose “Engage Mode” for films that break the film down into parts along with quizzes. Learning another language is never easy, but Mango Language has lowered that barrier to entry by making their program as accessible and user-friendly as possible. If you’ve ever meant to study another language, now is the time to give Mango Languages a try (by Library Clerk, David Winn.)

Books 24×7 – More than just books!

Books 24×7 is an online collection of books and videos tailored for use in the subjects of business, information technology, and engineering, as well as books that address healthy living and well-being, which are useful regardless of your field of study. Whether you’re looking for business management techniques, a coding guide for software design, or information about how civil engineers design with earthquakes in mind, Books 24×7 has a book with the information you need.

In addition to hosting ebooks, Books 24×7 provides convenient tools to help you manage the information you’ve found. With the option to place digital bookmarks, generate notes that are tied to a location in the book, and create folders to help you group texts you’ve used into various categories, Books 24×7 lets you manage your information and easily access it from anywhere.

On the business portion of the database, SkillSoft, the company behind Books 24×7, also hosts both live and archived webinars on various business-related topics, all of which can be accessed through the Books 24×7 main page.

Books 24×7’s video collection contains useful videos that cover a range of computer programs, such as the Microsoft Office Suite and Quickbooks, and the IT and Technical Video Collection contains hundreds of videos that guide the viewer through various systems with helpful audio-visual information. Make sure to browse through the Books 24×7 collection today! (by Library Clerk, David Winn)