Holiday Food

For many, the holidays come with a familiar set of sensory memories that put us back into the mindset of past merrymaking. We hear the jingling of bells and the crackling of a warm fire. We smell pine and juniper, or cocoa warming on the stove. We feel the kiss of snowflakes on our cheeks as we arrive at the homes of loved ones, ready to share in the celebrations that accompany the season. Of course, no holiday would be complete without the sense of taste. The end-of-the-year culinary traditions bring a whole host of experiences that we’ve come to associate with celebration. Here are a few sources for spicing up your holiday fare.

Gatherings & Celebrations : History, Folklore, Rituals and Recipes for the Occasions that Bring People Together
Gatherings and Celebrations by Burt Wolf is a unique international exploration of holidays and food. Wolf pairs each holiday with a geographical region and then gives a bit of history about the holiday, the customs observed, and which kinds of dishes are frequently served. In the “Christmas in Germany” chapter, he describes the German Pfefferkuchen, spice cakes made with pepper dating back to medieval times and Spekulatius, hard gingerbread prepared in the likeness of St. Nicholas. Each section also has its respective set of recipes, and those wanting to try a German-style Christmas celebration can try the Roast Christmas Goose, Riesling Soup, or Red Wine Spiced Cabbage

To Every Season : A Family Holiday Cookbook
If you find yourself with kids who want to help out in the kitchen, Jane Zalben’s To Every Season: A Family Holiday Cookbook is a good collection of holiday favorites with simple, but delicious ingredients. If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Pearl’s Potato Latkes are fun to fry together. For celebrants of Kwanzaa, Sweet Potato Pudding is a simple, sweet treat that will give your whole kitchen a festive aroma. For a fun project that will show off everyone’s artistic side, you can try Spiced and Iced Gingerbread Animals that the little ones will enjoy making just as much as eating.

Mr. Food Test Kitchen Christmas Made Easy : Recipes, Tips and Edible Gifts for a Stress-free Holiday
Holidays are times of joy, but they can also be stressful. We don’t all have hours to spend in the kitchen. Luckily, the Mr. Food Test Kitchen has your back with Christmas Made Easy : Recipes, Tips and Edible Gifts for a Stress-Free Holiday. This book offers many recipes that you can prepare in advance and heat when you’re about to serve. The Strawberry Breakfast Rollups are the perfect warm treat for a cold winter morning. There are also many recipes that are as easy to prepare as casseroles, but will still spice up the menu for a special holiday treat, such as the Ravioli Pesto Pie and Garden Sloppy Joes. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to make an easy recipe into a holiday family favorite.

A Country Music Christmas : Christmas Songs, Memories, Family Photographs and Recipes from America’s Favorite Country and Gospel Stars
For something a little different, why not add the strum of a guitar into your Christmas celebration? A Country Music Christmas is a collection of family photos, memories, and recipes from a whole host of country legends. Make sure you grab the accompanying CD to put on while you prepare Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee Cornbread and Cornbread Dressing, Willie Nelson’s Always on My Mind Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy with Cocoa, or Dolly Parton’s Jolly Cheesecake Pudding. If you and your family love country music, this is the perfect combination to celebrate the holidays.

No matter how you and yours celebrate the holiday season, we here at the Ivy Tech Northeast Library wish everyone a happy, safe, and sane season. Season’s greetings!

Internet Security 101 DVD

A must see for all parents! The Internet Safety 101℠ Program from Enough Is Enough℠ is a multimedia teaching series that paints a comprehensive picture of online dangers and safety solutions, led by renowned Internet safety expert and Enough Is Enough℠ President Donna Rice Hughes. Internet Safety 101℠ is an invaluable and practical resource for parents, educators and other caring adults who may be uninformed, overwhelmed or ill-equipped to protect children in the ever-evolving Internet world. Internet Safety 101℠ covers the safety basics you need to know to become educated, equipped and empowered to protect children from pornography, sexual predators, and cyberbullies, as well as how to keep kids safe on social networking sites, gaming and mobile devices. Filled with poignant true stories and essential strategies to counter these dangers, you will gain information, skills, and confidence to effectively protect children on all Internet-enabled devices.

Call number: 101 HQ 784 .I58 E668 2009

I&C: Featured Controversy—Refugee Crisis

Should Europe and the United States accept more refugees from the Middle East and Africa?


Europe and the United States have a moral obligation to accept as many refugees as possible. People from the Middle East and Africa are fleeing war, persecution, and life-threatening danger, and neither curbing search-and-rescue missions nor increasing security measures to keep them out will stem the tide of people desperate enough to risk their lives to reach safety. Stereotyping refugees—many of whom are Muslim—as potential terrorists is inaccurate and callous, and refusing to welcome them undermines the values and ideals for which the European Union and the United States claim to stand.


Welcoming refugees from the Middle East and Africa poses a security threat to Europe and the United States and encourages more people to risk their lives in the hands of human smugglers. Assimilating hundreds of thousands of Muslims into predominantly Christian European countries is not a simple matter, and it would be irresponsible to ignore the social and economic problems that admitting large numbers of refugees will bring. In light of recent terrorist attacks in France and other places, the European Union and the United States should proceed cautiously and with thorough consideration of security concerns.

Click here to view Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this timely issue.

Finals in the Library

Are you Hungry? Need Caffeine? Let the Ivy Tech Library be your oasis during fall finals (Monday 12/14 – Friday 12/18). We will have snacks and refreshments during regular Library hours at the Coliseum Campus Library (and at the PSA Library Wednesday 12pm to 4pm).

Stress Relief Activities available:

  • Therapy dogs will be in the Coliseum Campus Library from 10am to 12pm.
  • Adult coloring books stations will be available within the Library
  • Relaxing music is available for listening and downloading- you will find a large collection of instrumental music and also the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes.
  • Quick Help Guides and Links to Library Resources and Services.

For more information, click here.

A Universal Game for Toddlers – streaming videos

As this episode begins, Scarlett (22 months) uses eye contact to engage Jack (18 months). As they make eye contact, Scarlett runs away, only to turn back and engage Jack. This creates a back and forth game of catch and release. After a moment of eye contact, smiles, and laughter the game starts again. These spontaneous games likely come from a source that is universal and bespeaks of young children’s ability to coordinate rules between themselves, without much structuring by adults.

See more new videos from Videatives:

At the beginning of the school year, a small group of pre-kindergarten children work alongside each other on a large magnetic wall.  Note that while working on a vertical surface, the child’s
The teacher in this video deliberately holds the children to one question, how can we make the up side of the plank (on a fulcrum) go down without pushing on the up side?  While the use of passive weight to make a plank move
Eli, 23 months old, and Matthew, 20 months old, have discovered a small rectangular timer.
We have added new video titles under the “Practice Videos” tab in the Video Streaming Service.

Of the Land DVD

New technologies and scientific discoveries have given rise to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While such advancements are usually considered forward steps, traditional, organic farmers have been under attack by large corporate farming interests seeking to dominate the food industry. Family farms, and specifically organic operations, are being forced out of business and pushed out of the way in pursuit of corporate profits.

Large chemical companies (Monsanto and Syngenta as examples) own patents on their GMO technology and focus much of their efforts on suing smaller farmers for patent infringement. Traditional, organic farmers, have consistently been under attack by these large corporate farming interests, who seek to dominate the food industry and run family farms out of business.

OF THE LAND looks at our current food supply as well as a variety of organic options available to consumers who want to support sustainable farming methods. It is not just about the fight, it is about potential solutions and available options. It is about choice, family, children and future. OF THE LAND looks at a variety of smaller, organic farming models, and traditional farming methods as options to combat the new GMO dominated industrial revolution.

Call number: S 494.5 .B563 O296 2015 

Stress -Therapy Coloring in the Library

During Finals Week, we will have a relaxation Coloring Station.
We are providing a variety of adult coloring books and colored pencils for students to use in the Library.
The practice of coloring generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.
Interested students may keep their coloring pages or donate them to our Library display to inspire others to color.
Read more about Adult Coloring and de-stressing benefits here in the Huffington Post.