A Universal Game for Toddlers – streaming videos

As this episode begins, Scarlett (22 months) uses eye contact to engage Jack (18 months). As they make eye contact, Scarlett runs away, only to turn back and engage Jack. This creates a back and forth game of catch and release. After a moment of eye contact, smiles, and laughter the game starts again. These spontaneous games likely come from a source that is universal and bespeaks of young children’s ability to coordinate rules between themselves, without much structuring by adults.

See more new videos from Videatives:

At the beginning of the school year, a small group of pre-kindergarten children work alongside each other on a large magnetic wall.  Note that while working on a vertical surface, the child’s
The teacher in this video deliberately holds the children to one question, how can we make the up side of the plank (on a fulcrum) go down without pushing on the up side?  While the use of passive weight to make a plank move
Eli, 23 months old, and Matthew, 20 months old, have discovered a small rectangular timer.
We have added new video titles under the “Practice Videos” tab in the Video Streaming Service.

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