Internet Security 101 DVD

A must see for all parents! The Internet Safety 101℠ Program from Enough Is Enough℠ is a multimedia teaching series that paints a comprehensive picture of online dangers and safety solutions, led by renowned Internet safety expert and Enough Is Enough℠ President Donna Rice Hughes. Internet Safety 101℠ is an invaluable and practical resource for parents, educators and other caring adults who may be uninformed, overwhelmed or ill-equipped to protect children in the ever-evolving Internet world. Internet Safety 101℠ covers the safety basics you need to know to become educated, equipped and empowered to protect children from pornography, sexual predators, and cyberbullies, as well as how to keep kids safe on social networking sites, gaming and mobile devices. Filled with poignant true stories and essential strategies to counter these dangers, you will gain information, skills, and confidence to effectively protect children on all Internet-enabled devices.

Call number: 101 HQ 784 .I58 E668 2009

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