America’s Historical Newspapers

This year is the bi-centennial of Indiana statehood. Wouldn’t it be interesting to read newspaper accounts about the new state that were written in 1816? Now you can!

America’s Historical Newspapers is a new Library database that has PDF copies of a variety of actual newspapers from around the United States, with issues going back as far as 1690! You can read contemporary newspaper articles from the time of the American Revolution, Civil War, Roaring 20s, and much more.

America’s Historical Newspapers includes hundreds of primary sources. It fosters primary source research skills, offers a variety of perspectives to help students think critically, and facilitates the tracking of trends, issues and events. By offering original documents exactly as they appeared in print, America’s Historical Newspapers complements textbooks in social studies, English, the arts, science and other subjects.

But what if you’re more interested in recent or current news? Don’t worry, this product includes America’s News, which has web-page articles from newspapers in all fifty states. So if you want to find the news that the papers are printing, whether it’s from today or 300 years ago, go to the Library’s A-Z list and click on America’s Historical Newspapers; it has all the news that fits.

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