Staff Profile: Jean Adkins

Jean is one of the friendly faces at our Information desk during the afternoons. Her computer expertise is particularly valuable to us.

Jean and her dogs

What do you do at the Library?
I am a Library Assistant. I help patrons find the resources they need, or get them with a librarian for further assistance. I also assist patrons with the computers, software, and printers. My extra duties include working on the libraries financial accounts and maintaining usage statistics for our various databases.
How did you gain your expertise?
During my military career, I was exposed to various computer systems and a wide range of people. This background helps in my interactions with our patrons. Since my retirement from the Air Force, I have worked with maintaining computer systems and as support staff for a university’s online program, which gave me experience in the educational environment.
What is uniquely helpful to your work here? 
I attended college courses pretty much my entire military career. So, I can relate to students who are juggling work, school, and other responsibilities. This experience also taught me how important it is to keep the mind active and always learning.
What is your favorite thing to do outside the Library?
Outside the library, I enjoy playing with my dogs, reading, and getting involved with church activities.
What is a favorite book or website you would recommend?
I do not have a favorite book. I read a wide variety of books, but tend to like mysteries the most. Since I like needlework projects, I check out the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center website a lot.

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