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Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident DVD set


Located at the PSA

Operations Level, Technician Level & Command Level training for hazardous materials incidents, as required by OSHA’s Hazwoper law and NFPA 472. Based on the highly-regarded manual, Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident, this series is a valuable resource for fire fighters, hazmat teams, bomb squads, industrial emergency response teams and other emergency responders who may deal with unplanned hazardous materials leaks, spills or fire during the course of their work. For the list of videos included in the series click here.

Site Management and Control                                                                   140 F
                Identifying the Problem                                                             141 F
                Protective Clothing and Equipment                                           143 F
                Information Management and Resource Coordination             144 F
                Implementing Response Objectives                                          145 F
                Decontamination                                                                        146 F
                Terminating the Incident                                                            147 F
Air Monitoring
                Contamination Assessment (Part 1)                                           148 F
                Direct Reading Instruments (Part 2)                                           149 F
Container Emergencies
                Intermodal Containers (Program 1)                                              150 F
                Petroleum Storage Tanks (Program 2)                                          151 F
                Cylinders (Program 3)                                                                   152 F
Hazmat Operations
                Reconnaissance (Program 1)                                                          153 F
                Hazmat Containers (Program 2)                                                     154 F
                Forecasting Events (Program 3)                                                     155 F
                Organizing the Response (Program 4)                                            156 F
                Tactics (Program 5)                                                                         157 F
Terrorism (WMD Response Reference Package)
                Chemical Weapons                                                                          158 F
                Biological Weapons                                                                         159 F
                First Response                                                                                  160 F
                Explosive & Incendiary Weapons                                                    161 F
                Radiological Weapons                                                                      162 F
                Response to Anthrax Threats                                                           163 F
                Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction                                         164 F
                Radiation Monitoring                                                                       165 F
                Hazardous Materials Decon Team                                                   166 F
                Mass Decon WMD                                                                          167 F
Foam                                                                                                                168 F
Hazmat/WMD Self Protection for Firefighters                                               169 F
Trench and Excavation Rescue                                                                        170 F
Protective Actions: Evacuation/Shelter in Place                                              171 F
Rapid Intervention Crew                                                                                  172 F
NIMS: Introduction to the National Incident Management System                173 F
Heat! Working in Hot Environments                                                               174 F
Suicide Bomber                                                                                               175 F
Technical Rescue: Awareness                                                                          176 F

Assessment of the Newborn DVD series

Tracking number: 733H-740H

SERIES OVERVIEW: Newborns have unique anatomy and physiologic characteristics that need to be assessed at birth. Nurses with limited or no experience in the obstetrical environment need to be made aware of these unique characteristics in order to perform a competent evaluation of a newborn’s health. This series provides nurses with the information they need, and demonstrates the skills necessary, to perform a comprehensive assessment of the newborn child. The programs in this series are: Assessment of the Newborn: The First 10 Minutes Assessment of the Newborn: The Head to Toe Assessment Assessment of the Newborn: Cardiopulmonary Assessment and Cardiac Anomalies Assessment of the Newborn: Physical Anomalies and Neurologic Issues Assessment of the Newborn: Gestational Age and Newborn Reflexes OVERVIEW: The program begins by offering an overview of fetal circulation. With this foundation, it goes on to examine the issues related to cardiopulmonary assessment. Topics such as acrocyanosis, retractions, transient tachypnea and infant respiratory distress syndrome are presented. The program then presents and discusses cardiac anomalies. The four categories of cardiac defects are highlighted and the eight most common cardiac defects are outlined. (From Medcom Trainex)