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As everyone gears up for final papers and exams, here are some helpful tools for studying and writing. Remember we will have free snacks in the library during finals week, and therapy dogs in the mornings to boost your oxytocin.
Flashcards are a proven study aid that work best when presented randomly. This is hard to do yourself, so try one of these apps that let you create your own deck or use already created decks. For IOS or Android phones, try Quizlet. You can use Quizlet from a browser (laptop/desktop) as well. For iPhones, Tinycards is an award-winning flashcard app.
Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, so check your papers and reports before handing them in. Two of the best free tools you can use are: Dupli Checker which allows you to copy and paste in 1000-word passages of text; and Plagiarism Checker which allows you to search two phrases of text at a time from different parts of your document. It only works with the Google Chrome browser. These tools do not require uploading files or any particular format – just copy and paste your text passages. Your professor may have turned on a plagiarism checker in Blackboard, so look for this when you are about to upload your paper.
The library offers links to a citation creator called Noodletools that creates both in-text citations and sources lists in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. It can be easier to use than MSWord’s built-in citation tool. Access Noodletools from the Library home page http://library.ivytech.edu/northeast You must create a free account with username and password, and then you can add sources directly from search results in the library databases! Even better, it offers a browser plug-in called “Archive This” that allows you to keep your sources organized for quick reference. It also has a smartphone app that will generate citations by scanning the ISBN on a book jacket with your phone camera!! It’s easiest if you set up your project first before using the App. When you create a sources list, choose your style (MLA, APA, Chicago) and ADVANCED which includes almost any source type: books, journals, websites, emails …
We wish everyone GOOD LUCK and remind you we are here to answer your questions!

New Printers

Ivy Tech Northeast has new printers around campus and that includes the Library. The Library has four new printers, each of which is also a photocopier, and even a scanner. When you print a document, you may choose a specific printer where you can get your printout.

Alternatively, you may select one of the “secure  release” options and then go to any printer on campus, log in, and release your printout.

The printer setup is still new, so we recommend that you ask a Library staff member for help the first time you print something.

Introducing the Library Catalog Kiosk!

The Ivy Tech Northeast Library is happy to announce that we now have a Library Catalog Kiosk. You can now browse the library catalog without having to log into a computer terminal. With an easy touch screen interface, this device makes it easier than ever to find what you need on the fly. Best of all, it’s located right alongside a majority of our collection allowing easy access to both the shelves and the library catalog. If you are new to navigating our catalog system, any of the library employees will be happy to assist you in how to search the catalog, and how to get the most useful results when doing so.

Ask for new materials

The Ivy Tech Northeast Library receives fascinating and informative new materials each month for your use and enjoyment. What you may not know, though, is that faculty and staff can make requests for materials to be added to our collection. On the Northeast Library’s homepage, simply click the “Purchase Request” link to submit your request for consideration. This will take you to a basic form that lets us know what the item is and what group of Ivy Tech students would find this item useful. Make sure you include contact information for follow-up from Library staff. We are committed to providing most relevant and up-to-date supportive materials for students and faculty from all areas of study.

Library Creative Commons

What do you know about Library’s Creative Commons? We have dedicated PC’s loaded with specialized software not available on normal students computers. This includes software titles such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Business Plan Pro. Creative Commons environment is conducive to individual study or collaboration.

Also available in Creative Commons is a TV stations a DVD/VHS player.

What is coming soon to Library’s Creative Commons? We plan on adding a MAC computer, Adobe Creative Cloud (Image/Video editing capability), computer stations with webcams for webinars and web-based interviews, other software as needed or identified.
Here is an A-Z list of software titles available in the Creative Commons:

·         SOLIDWORKS 2015 Education Edition
o   eDrawings 2015 x64 Edition
o   SOLIDWORKS 2015 x64 Edition
o   SOLIDWORKS Composer 2015
·         Autodesk
o   Autodesk Design Review 2013
o   Alias Design 2015
o   AutoCAD 2015
o   AutoCAD Architecture 2015
o   AutoCAD Electrical 2015
o   AutoCAD Mechanical 2015
o   AutoCAD Raster Design 2015
o   AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2015
o   AutoCAD Utility Design 2015
o   Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2015
o   Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015
o   Autodesk Backburner 2015
o   Autodesk Data Management
o   Autodesk Factory Design Utilities 2015
o   Autodesk Inventor 2015
o   Autodesk Mechanical Simulation Job Manager
o   Autodesk Mudbox 2015
o   Autodesk Recap
o   Autodesk Showcase 2015
o   Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2015
o   Autodesk Simulation Mudflow Advisor 2015
o   Autodesk Sketchbook Designer 2014
o   DWG TrueView 2015
o   Revit 2015
o   Simulation CFD 2015
o   Subassembly Composer 2015

Business Plan Pro

New Digital Collaboration Room!

Now available in the Library is our Digitally Equipped Collaboration Room – the only space of this kind that is available to ALL Ivy Tech Northeast students. The Digitally Equipped Collaboration Room offers you a private collaborative space with computer access and a large TV Display. You can now work on team projects with your classmates, create Power Point Presentations, edit Word documents, stream YouTube and IvyVilos videos, create Prezis, you name it! The possibilities are truly unlimited! Instantly plug-in your laptop or thumb drive and start exploring your media files –pictures, audio, videos, and slideshows directly on the HD TV. The room can be reserved for groups of 2 to 8 people.

Library Creative Commons and more

Library Creative Commons
A large, versatile space that encourages students to creatively approach projects.

  • Features computers equipped with programs unavailable at other open lab terminals on campus
  • An expanding library of special software that increases the possibilities of projects that students can put together
  • A versatile work area where students can move the tables and seating for the needs of their project

Digital Conference Room

  • Computer access
  • A private room that may be reserved by groups
  • 48″ television for use with presentations
  • Connect personal devices to project on the large television

What’s on the Library Menu?

Check out what Ivy Tech Northeast College Library has to offer to increase your chances for academic success (by Library Clerk, David Winn.)


General Collection
Our collection of nearly 20,000 books is arranged by Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

Hot New Fiction and Non-Fiction
Our constantly rotating collection has over 200 popular, recently published titles.

Popular Collection
Our permanent collection of fiction titles includes both literary classics and great works by contemporary authors.

This is our collection of biographical texts.

Our collection of books on CD is for those who would rather listen and learn.

Children’s Books Collection
This robust collection of children’s literature is available for Early Childhood Education majors or anyone with children in their lives.
-Special indications for the 45+ Caldecott Medal winners in our collection
-Comprehensive guides both in library and online that have books arranged by subject area

We have a collection of videos that can be viewed in the library. We also have access to the ever-expanding Films on Demand service which allows students to access educational videos from anywhere through our website. Other online film collections include Counseling and Therapy in Video, Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video, Medcom Nursing Video Training Programs Collection, Naxos Video Library, and the Annenberg Streaming Video Collection.

Magazines and Journals
Our collection of physical magazines and journals has 55 titles and archives going back several years.

Current newspapers include the Journal Gazette, Wall Street Journal, and Indianapolis Star with archives that go back two months.

We have a wide array of over 2,000 posters that can be checked out for use in presentations and decoration around campus.

Puppet Collection
We have over 350 puppets available to check out for use in children’s programs and projects.

Successful research often hinges on the ability to find the information and sources you need.
-Ivy Tech Northeast Library hosts over 100 resources that contain helpful articles.
-We are committed to helping you find that right database to fit your needs.
-Our main page of article databases is the gateway to larger, frequently consulted databases such as EBSCO, GALE, LexisNexis, Proquest, and JSTOR.
-We also have an A-Z list with links to and descriptions of all of our databases.


Library Guides
The Northeast Ivy Tech Library has many different handouts and instruction sheets that will help you use the resources we have available. We have printed versions of each of these handouts, however, we realize that many people like to have a digital resource as well, and the web format allows us to go into much more detail when explaining our resources.
Resource Guides are also available which cover various other areas beyond database research, including:
-How to cite sources
-Information on the Affordable Care Act
-Downloading ebooks
-Employment resources

NoodleTools is a piece of software accessible in a browser that allows students to generate and manage citations.
-Lets you save and access your sources from anywhere.
-Will ask for necessary information based on type of source and style of citation being used.
-Allows you to export fully generated References or Works Cited page as a Word document.

Course Reserves
Course reserves are textbooks that have been made available for students to use on the library premises. This allows us to ensure that there is a copy available in library whenever a student of that course wants to stop by and study. We are constantly expanding our collection of available course reserves.

Inter-Library Loans
If our library doesn’t have the material you need, submit a request form for us to file for an interlibrary loan. We find out who else has the material available and get it sent here to you, free of charge.

1-on-1 Help
Students have the option of signing up for a 1-on-1 meeting with a librarian for in-depth help regarding citations, how to use databases, or anything else involving library resources. If two or more students are looking for help in the same area, there may be an option to organize a workshop.

Instruction in the Presentation Room
Instructors who want to schedule time for one of our librarians to instruct their class may do so. Instruction can take place either in the Library Presentation Room or in the Instructor’s classroom.

We link to a variety of tutorials on how to use our resources, including videos that guide you through them.

Study Tables
The library holds 20 study tables arranged around our collection for students who want a quiet place to work independently.

Work Table
This table features a stapler, paperclips, pencil sharpener, free pencils, a 3-hole punch, and a paper cutter.

Collaborative Study Rooms
These rooms may be reserved by groups of students in order to study or work on projects.
-One student may reserve two hours at a time, or a group can reserve four hours at a time.


The library has 50 computers available for student use.
-No need to sign up, simply log on to a free terminal with your Campus Connect info
-Access to the Microsoft Office suite of programs
-Two terminals are connected to scanners
-Access the library’s printers

There are four printers available for student use in the library, 3 black-and-white and one color printer.

Copy Machine
A copy machine is available for student use. It takes change or bills. Copies are $0.10 per side.

Scanning Station
The library has four scanning stations that are equipped with a book and document scanner. Two Simple Scan machines:
-Allow students to upload scans to a flash drive or attach to an email
-Make high quality copies in black and white, greyscale, or color.
-Automatically generate scans as PDFs, jpegs, or Word documents
-Touchscreen allows students to preview, rotate, and crop scans before downloading them

Library Laptops
Laptops are available for loan to students who meet the requirements.
-Check out for two weeks at a time
-Available with recommendation from a current professor
-A student must be in at least their second semester and have a 2.5 GPA or above to qualify

We have several pairs of headphones available for in-library use.

Available for check out. These come preloaded with IvyVILOS videos and over 100 audio books.

Flip Video Cameras
Easy to use handheld video cameras are available for students to check out. Perfect for filming school projects.

WiFi is available on the library premises for students to use with laptops and other devices. WiFi printing is also available with the download of a Pharos Software Suite.

New Service in the Library – Wireless Printing from Your Personal Laptop

Wireless Printing from Your Personal Laptop

It is now possible to print from your personal Windows laptop to Library printer FW-CC1771-lib2 by installing the Pharos software.


  • You must have administrative rights on your computer to install the Pharos system!
  • You must be running Windows 7, Vista or XP! (Sorry, no Macs or Windows 8 operating systems at this time.)
  • You must be connected to IvyStudent or IvyStaff (not IvyGuest) wireless networks in order to send print jobs to our printer!

Disclaimer: All software is installed at your own risk. Due to the wide variety of settings and configurations possible on personal laptops, we cannot guarantee that wireless printing will work on all laptops. If you follow all the correct procedures to print, but printing does not work, the Bursar’s office will NOT reimburse you for your printing costs.

For more information click here.

Purchase Request Form (New!)

Have a suggestion for an item to the Library’s collection of books, journals, or DVDs? Fill out our new online Purchase Request form located on the library home page (under For Faculty).


* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee the material suggested will be purchased. Decisions are made based on the budget availability, the quality of the content and fulfillment of academic curricular needs.