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Scan me : everybody’s guide to the magical world of QR codes– barcodes, mobile devices and hyperlinking the real to the virtual / Mick Winter

Call number: HF5416 .W56 2011

Imagine you could hold your mobile phone up to an image, and magically summon any information you wished.You see a movie poster and wonder if the movie is worth seeing. Zap! You’re watching the movie’s trailer. You see a restaurant menu and wonder about the food. Zap! You’re reading reviews from people who ate there. You’re at a subway stop. Zap! You’re seeing the actual arrival time of the next train. You see a magazine ad for a product and want to buy it. Zap! You’ve placed the order.
How does this magic happen? With something called a QR Code. If you have a business …(From Barnes & Noble)

EBSCO available on your Mobile

EBSCOhost databases have millions of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles available for you and your students.   They also added tens of thousands of ebooks this year, all available on your computer.  Now EBSCOhost is available on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and your Android mobile devices with the new EBSCOhost app.  Once you download the software, you can “check out” an online book and have it available on several of your devices at the same time!

The EBSCO app does not run through the Ivy Tech proxy server, so you’ll need a separate ID and Password to use it.  Just contact the library, and we’ll be happy to provide that information to Ivy Tech faculty, staff, and students.  For more information about the EBSCO app, click here.  For more information about downloading books to your mobile phone, iPad, Nook, etc., click here.

ARTstor Mobile is here

The ARTstor Digital Library is now accessible to registered ARTstor users through the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch, providing read-only features such as searching and browsing, zooming, and viewing saved image groups. ARTstor is also introducing the Flashcard View for ARTstor Mobile, which allows users to test their knowledge by viewing the image without textual information, and then flipping the image to reveal the image record. This new view can be found under the “Views” menu as “Flashcard.” ARTstor Mobile is only available through the Safari browser, just go to http://library.artstor.org  from your mobile device. For more details, visit Help page at http://help.artstor.org/wiki/index.php/ARTstor_Mobile.