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Scribd is providing free access to popular Ebooks and periodicals

Scribd is a subscription ebook and audiobook service. For one month staring March 17th to April 17th, they are providing free access to their collections for any new customer. Access will end; you will not be automatically enrolled. We have tried this free service and recommend it. We were required to download a free app on our mobile phone to use the service.

Reading a ripping yarn is a great way to relax during these stressful times. You will find many of the same titles in the Scribd ebook collection as we have in our current Baker & Taylor print collection. The Scribd collection also includes the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Atlantic, and other titles useful for course work assignments. (We have access to these titles in our databases, with various embargo periods.)

Here is the link to sign up: https://www.scribd.com/readfree?utm_source=readfree


New online database: Newspaper DIrect Library Display

Do you like news? Do you like real newspapers and magazines?  For lovers of old media who have internet access, Newspaper Direct provides instant access to 2000+ newspapers from 100 countries in 60 languages.  Articles and pages are in full-image, PDF format, not web pages. Navigation is smooth, fast, and simple! The best of digital and paper worlds comes together in this new database.  So what are you waiting for? Click and get addicted.